Let the Beauty of what you Love be what you do.

At Lily’s Florist and Gifts we aim to help provide a variety of services that may help solve a plethora of your floral needs.


As our most basic and obvious service, we try to provide you with the freshest of flowers from both local and import growers from around the world every week.
Generally every Tuesdays and Thursdays is our restocking days where we head down to the flower auction in the afternoon and replenish our store with new fresh cut flowers and plants.

However, over the week we may also bring in new flowers from our wholesalers to make sure you will always find what you’re looking for.


To accompany fresh cut flowers, we always try to keep our large floral cooler stocked up with a variety of floral bouquets for all your occasional needs. Whether it is Birthdays, Graduations, Get Wells, or any other occasion that would require a bouquet of flowers, we’ve got you covered at all times; so don’t worry if you’re in a hurry, there’ll always be options for you. As for those that have a little more time to plan and order something fancier, we also can design bouquets on the spot or for pick up, just let us know.


However, lets say that there isn’t enough time for you to visit our store by yourself or just wanted to send something out at a later date. Don’t fret, cause delivery is also something that we know how to to do, and since I mentioned that we always have fresh flowers and knowledge to put together creative bouquets, delivering those by ourselves isn’t going to be much of a challenge for us at all. Just make sure to give us some time to complete the order.


Delivery charges may vary depending on time and location.
Side note, we only service the Vancouver and Greater Vancouver area./
Sorry for any inconvenience.

Phone Order

Now that I’ve covered delivery, maybe there is an occasion you needed flowers and time isn’t on your side or you’re out of town for the time being. We still have you covered through phone orders. There is a bunch of pictures on our website for you to look at so there is an understanding of the products we put out. Feel free to give us a call and we’ll do our best to work something out with you.

For phone orders, we accept Visa and Mastercard only. Our code monkeys haven’t found a way to process cash through phone lines yet, apologies.


Congratulations on your upcoming date. Although we don’t provide a full list of wedding services, we do know how to arrange the crucial flower arrangements that are needed for your special date. From wrist corsages and boutonnieres to center pieces and vehicle decorations,  we should be able to answer most those questions.


Sorry for your loss at such a time. Funeral floral services is something we provide. Working with several Dignity Funeral homes around Vancouver, we aim to provide you with the smoothest experiences during this difficult time. We provide full funeral floral packages or simple one pieces. We are also capable in writing cards and ribbons in several languages.