The Community

The community that we are located in is known as Kensington Cedar Cottage. According to the maps provided by City of Vancouver, the Cedar Cottage area lies at the centre of East Vancouver with scenic views from the top of the city’s east-west ridge all the way down to Trout Lake, an urban lake and park. This area was meant to combine two historic neighborhoods of the Cedar Cottage area; located north of Kingsway to Broadway, between Clark, Knight Street, Nainamo, and Kensington; and Kingsway from 41st, between Fraser and Nanaimo.

The community has meant a lot to us as we have been around since the very early days before it was gifted this name. We have watched this community grow to the way it is at the moment and we are very proud to be apart of all these changes. We especially find joy in seeing more people and business populated this great neighborhood and build itself apart of this community.