About us

Lily’s Florist is a fun and friendly local florist situated in the middle of Little Saigon in the King Edward Village area in Vancouver. We have been here for many years and have seen the community around us grow into what it is today. We ourselves have grown around this community and all the people here. In this area you can find great food, a decent shopping experience, and friendly people to interact with. but more on that later.


Lily’s Florist is the epitome of what a small family business is supposed to be. Mom and Pop started this business many moons ago as they first started out their adventures into the business world and slowly raised their family under these roofs. Eventually children were brought into the picture and started helping out at the store as well. Slowly taking over more and more while learning the tricks of the trade and meeting people in the industry. Starting the business and building the family was the hard part, now my job as the young’n that’s been helping out for the passed couple years just aims to keep things running on track and hopefully grow what my parents have created.


That is the story about us. We are simply you’re friendly neighborhood flower shop. Putting together great goods with our skills to help those around us!
“With great power comes great responsibilities.”