The Gift of Natural Expression


Hi my name is Arthur, it is a pleasure to meet you and it’s great that you have decided to drop by our website/experiment blog. In a world where there is so many things that can take up one’s time, I really do appreciate it when we find people like you that will sit down with us and listen to what we have to offer. Before we get started, there’s just a few things I personally would like to say about myself and my thoughts around what we do.


Lily’s Florist has been a small sized family operation for as long as I remember and many of our customers remember the days when I was just a little boy running around the store trying to do what I can without making the biggest of messes; but 25+ years later, I’m still around the store trying to do the same thing, not get into trouble. However, difference is that now I think I’ve got a decent understanding of not just our family business but also floral culture as a whole. My opinions may not be 100% correct, but it’s so much more fun when we make mistakes together!

Floral Culture

Flowers is a very interesting product in the grand scheme of things. To some people it is the most valuable thing in the world because it brings smiles and happiness to the people they are gifted to, yet at the same time, some people tell me that they are meaningless cause all flowers tend to die after a certain period of time. Personally I don’t think there is a right or wrong side to this, but I do believe that there is a hidden culture behind flowers that we have all grown misunderstand over the past couple decades.


Let’s get started.
The most generic and most widely known example I can use is the Red Rose. Everyone and their children knows that the Red Rose is the definition of love and romance. It symbolizes passion and great respect for someone you care for, but did you know that every other color of rose and number you put together represents something as well? Yellow means friendship, White means purity, and a Dead rose would obviously mean you’re ending a relationship with someone. So this is fairly cute knowledge to know. Some might argue that this was something solely made to market a product to the public, and as a communications major, I don’t think they’re wrong, but what isn’t a marketing ploy in this generation. However, what I do find interesting is that when some people learns information like this, they truly embrace it and it draws out the closet romantic, turning them into modern day Romeos’.


The happiest customers I have ever served are those that come in at the end of a long day of work to pick up “Just Because” roses for the wife or girlfriend. Those people are the cutest and happiest people I have ever met. I’m no expert in happiness, but I believe flowers are meant to bring about surprise smiles, and smiles help keep the world turning.


So what do you think? Am I on to something or did I just write this page to fill up content for our website? Let’s discuss!